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Digital Photography

Digital Photographer’ trade under CTS is one of the professional courses delivered nationwide through a network of ITIs.

The course is of one year duration.

It mainly consists of Domain area and Core area.

In the Domain area (Trade Theory & Practical) impart professional skills and knowledge, while the core area (Employability Skill) imparts requisite core skills, knowledge, and life skills.

After passing out the training program, the trainee is awarded National Trade Certificate (NTC) by DGT which is recognized worldwide.

Learning OutCome(In One Year of DP Trade What should Trainee Learn

Identify and use Lenses following safety precautions.

Apply various types of lights on the photographs using lighting techniques, taking indoor and outdoor photographs and use of special areas of photography.

Use different types of object lighting: Daylight, Artificial light and their combination. Tungsten light, fluorescent Light, single & multiple electronic flash, reflectors, exposure meters.

Work with basic portrait, studio photography, Commercial/Advertisement photography, Sports photography, fashion photography, slow and fast moving objects, functions, machines and processes, landscape, architecture, night photography children, animal, birds, shooting spot etc. by digital camera, candid photography, time lapse photography.

Apply Computer Fundamentals Monitor Calibration, Interfaces.

Apply Image transportation by using editing software, taking printouts of photographs by using computer system from digital camera.

the skill & knowledge of Multimedia in Photography. Demonstrate most of the important aspects of Photo Editing software Elements. Show the usual workflow steps for photo editing, organizing, and sharing.

Work with Images & Graphics.

Demonstrate four Key Skills of a Successful Photographer and procurement of good quality cameras and its accessories.

Use different video equipment and their operations. Demonstrate the basic principles of video and audio recording.

Apply skill of Editing Techniques and the motion Picture Photography techniques.

Apply Principles of Light, demonstrating the quality and types of lights.

Demonstrate the shooting techniques by using digital video camera with pan-tilt-zoom and use of camcorder camera operating techniques.

Apply Audio recording sound by using different types of microphones. Mixing, editing, dubbing and sweetening of sound

Use of three point lighting for video shooting in a studio and selection of shooting camera, studio lights accessories for field lighting

Make documentary films, Shoot interviews, news, and make advertisements etc.

Work with post-production.

Apply the necessity of planning a production while working.

Digital Photography Course Details

Name of the Trade Digital Photography
NSQF Level Level 4
Duration of Craftsman Training 1 Year
Entry Qualification 10th passed

Digital Photography Course Structure

Sr.No Course Element National Training Hours
1 Professional Skill (Trade Practical) 1200
2 Professional Knowledge (Trade Theory) 240
3 Employability Skills 160
Total 1600

Job Opportunity After DP Trade

Can join industry as Technician and will progress further as Senior Technician, Supervisor and can rise up to the level of Manager.

Can become Entrepreneur in the related field

Can join Apprenticeship programs in different types of industries leading to a National Apprenticeship certificate (NAC).

Can join Crafts Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) in the trade for becoming an instructor in ITIs.

Can join Advanced Diploma (Vocational) courses under DGT as applicable.

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